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First Traffic Cone in Space?

This summer we did something a little different from our normal routine of writing about traffic products. We ended up putting what we think may be the first traffic cone in space. We teamed up to help a team called “Scrumtrulescent” in taking part in the GISHWHES scavenger hunt.

Why a traffic cone? and why space?

With Elon Musk recently sending a car into space, we will soon be needing to think about regulating car traffic in space (well maybe not that soon).

For that reason, GISH set out a challenge to put a traffic cone or road sign into space.

Being somewhat familiar with traffic cones we were well up for the challenge. In partnership with Sent into Space we were able to launch our traffic cone and get some great photos, and even a video!

We think that it may have even been the first traffic cone to get up into space!

What is GISH?

Gish is a worldwide scavenger hunt that sets out challenges for all sorts of reasons. It was set up by actor Misha Collins and has grown quickly. With various prizes being awarded to teams that compete and win challenges.

Cable Covers or ‘Big Macs’

These cable covers from Melba Swintex are a tried and tested range designed to cover any exposed electrical cables. Most commonly this is when an illuminated traffic bollard has been hit, leaving the electricals uncovered. These are sometimes also called ‘Big Macs’, ‘chunky covers’ and ‘temporary cover cones’.

A Melba Swintex cable cover in use
The Melba Swintex cable cover – used to cover up a damaged or missing

Made from high visibility yellow HDPE, these stand out from afar and allow any internal illumination that may be present underneath to pass through. With a height of 1.02 metres tall and with a 735x735mm hexagonal base, these are hard to miss. Internally, the diameter starts at approximately 60cm and tapers narrower, which means these are stackable. The base is sand weighted, bringing the total weight to between 12.5 and 17.5kg.

Front and back view of the Melba Swintex cable cover
The front and back view of the Melba cable cover with a ‘keep left’ symbol and ‘LIVE WIRE BELOW’ combination.

The most common type of cable cover is with the ‘LIVE WIRE BELOW’ band at the bottom and a keep left symbol, suited to the UK traffic flow.

Closeup of the cable cover base
The ~30kg sand weighted base makes this incredibly stable.

The Melba cable cover can be manufactured in almost any colour to meet your requirements and in addition, custom stickers can be made to suit your application. Common variations include ‘DANGER LIVE CABLE’ and ‘DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE’.

Almost any colour can be manufactured (minimum quantities apply) and custom stickers can be manufactured to suit your application.

If you would like to order this product or would like to enquire about custom versions, please call us on 01905 794 875. It is also available to buy online.

The Enduramat Coupler and Enduramats

The Enduramat ground protection mat is designed to meet most temporary ground protection requirements. When laying many of these together an Enduramat coupler is used between each mat to prevent the mats separating over time.

There are two main types of coupler available.

basic enduramat coupler
The most common coupler
The new 4 way Enduramat coupler
The heavy duty Enduramat coupler

The first and by far the most common type of Enduramat coupler is the standard two hole solution. This offers a secure fixing that can be fitted or removed quickly and easily. They can be fitted in both directions, depending on the direction you intend to use the mats.

Standard Enduramat coupler
The standard Enduramat coupler in use

For more demanding applications, there is the four way interlocking plate. This uses four nuts to secure the corners of the mats down so that they cannot be removed without unscrewing each nut.

The heavy duty enduramat coupler with the top removed
The new heavy duty Enduramat coupler with the top removed showing its construction

The heavy duty Enduramat coupler are ideal for use when you need more stability and don’t want the mats to lift or separate. With heavier use or slightly more uneven ground the new coupler will not pop out where potentially the two hole type can lift out.

The heavy duty enduramat coupler with top locked down
The heavy duty Enduramat coupler in use and locked

Once the nuts are done up the mats will not move around.

heavy duty endurmat coupler with mats
The heavy duty enduramat coupler in place with mats

These are constructed from thick galvanised steel which makes them very strong and straight forward to use. The mats can be used for numerous applications and are very popular when using vehicles, plant or other equipment and want to prevent the ground becoming muddy or churned up.

To see more details or place an order for Enduramat click here.

STOP WORKS Sign Roundup

The STOP WORKS sign ( lollipop sign ) is specified in the ‘Red Book’ for use when stopping traffic for a maximum of 2 minutes per 15 minutes.  Two of these signs are required for maneuvering plant or works vehicles.

This post is intended to give you a quick overview of the type of STOP WORKS lollipop signs available and why we stock the type we do.

From left to right: 600mm non-reflective Zintec plate in frame; 450mm reflective with fixed handle; Our 450mm reflective sign with foldable handle and edge protector

There are three main types of STOP WORKS sign on the market – Start Traffic can supply any of these however we only stock one particular type as we believe this is the best of the bunch.


STOP WORKS sign from the front
The STOP WORKS sign stocked at Start Traffic

One of the key features of this lollipop sign is that it is collapsible. Where as rigid designs need a lot of space on the van, this folds up neatly into a bag that can tuck away almost anywhere.

Collapsible handle on STOP WORKS sign

The profile of the lollipop handle
A strong, reinforced aluminium handle with a virtually indestructible elastic cord throughout.
Folded up STOP WORKS sign
It can collapse down easily ready to be put into a bag
Our sign comes in a easy to carry case

The carry case for the stop works sign

The handle has been made from aluminium which gives it a rigid, strong and non-wobbly construction.

Stem of our STOP WORKS sign

The stem of the sign is made from a single plastic molding with a hand grip feature – as it’s plastic it won’t feel cold on frosty mornings either!

Lollipop sign construction

The core of the sign is made from solid aluminium, meaning it is both reasonably lightweight and rigid. The edges which are normally particularly vulnerable to damage are fully protected by being covered with an impact resistant trim all the way around the edge.

rubber end on pole

Finally the pole is finished with a rubber boot on the end – To prevent any damage and help it stay put when resting.

All of the above features make this product what we believe to be the best on the market. Any of these signs are also available in STOP – Children Crossing format, ideal for Lollipop ladies or men.

These are in stock and available for next day delivery from Start Traffic. To order please call 0800 978 8920 or order directly online.

Other STOP WORKS signs (the rest)



  • The 600mm STOP WORKS sign above is the largest of the sign types available. The handle is not removable, is made from steel and is particularly heavy. It’s size and basic construction make it awkward to transport and the welding may fracture over time.

STOP WORKS sign with fixed pole

  • The non-foldable 450mm sign is a more manageable size, with a solid aluminium face and steel handle, secured with two fasteners. There is no protection for the sign face edge and the handle is not quickly removable. The design is also slightly more economical.

To order our STOP WORKS sign, please call 0800 978 8920 or order directly online.


AccuChecked and AccuPhoto – Our new standard for specifications

We are in the process of introducing a number of changes to how our products are listed. Have you ever ordered a product, only to find the photos and / or the specification listed for the product was incorrect? Often the manufacturers specification is incorrect and the retailer has simply copied and pasted this.

We have introduced two standards into our specifications designed to prevent this.

AccuChecked – We have personally inspected, weighed, measured and described the product listed in the specification.

AccuPhoto – Photos that we have taken of the product are included in the listing and are of the actual product listed.

We are working on updating this for all of our products, but you can easily identify products completed by looking for the ‘AccuCheck’ and ‘AccuPhoto’ in the specification area.


Case Study: RB2000 Water Filled Barriers Alternate Uses

Our Water Filled Barrier product is normally used on the road for Traffic Management. However, we have recently supplied a quantity of RB2000 Heavy Duty Water Filled Barriers in white to the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham for use in their new penguin enclosure.  As you can see from the photographs the penguins are quite happy and feel at home in their new native surroundings. This just goes to show how versatile this product can be!!

Quite content penguins next to our RB2000 barrier system

Can be used to contain pesky penguins

Another use for water filled barriers recently spotted at Alton Towers amusement park just outside of Stoke-on-Trent. These are the GB2 Heavy Duty Barriers which are custom coloured in black to match the theme of the park. If you are looking for a quote on these products you can contact us on 01905 794 875.

Water filled barries being used at Alton Towers Water filled barrier at Alton Towers


Permanent Pothole Repair Ultracrete

Pothole problem? Don’t go potty!

We are pleased to announce that we have a new (and even more affordable) cold lay permanent pothole repair for asphalt tarmac and concrete.  Ultracrete pothole repair is a superior cold lay which is HAPAS approved, this means it has been certified for motorway use by the British Board Agrement, Highways Agency, ADEPT, TAG, MPA, HTMA, CECA.

Ultracrete is instant and can be flattened with live traffic on the spot with any weather condition, wet, freezing or hot.  Being HAPAS approved, this can stand up to the grueling pressure of HGV’s over and over again.  Supplied in 25KG handled tubs which can be recycled or re-used as storage too!

Ultracrete includes fully graded, high PSV interlocking aggregate and specially formulated bitumen making it compatible with every road surface.  For use with repairing driveways, garden paths, foot and cycle tracks, motorway road repair and car parks.

Why use Ultracrete?

  • Use in wet, freezing and hot conditions
  • No special preparation (just get your brush and spade)
  • Instant trafficking
  • Deployed in minutes
  • Compatible with existing road surfaces
  • Solvent free
We recommend using the bitumen spray sealer for a permanent pothole repair.

Using Ultracrete requires no special training or tools. If you just need a long lasting pothole repair, just use a brush and spade to sweep and flatten Ultracrete into the pothole!

Don’t pot about! You can order your wonder repair macadam today! Click here


Track Barriers – Go Kart

We have a variety of barriers available from stock but not all of these barriers are suitable for use around Go Kart tracks.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a barrier for use around a go kart track.   These are durability, flexibility and most importantly safety. We stock one barrier in particular that meets all of these requirements, the RB500 track and site barrier.  This barrier is ideal for use around go kart tracks for the following reasons;

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Road Cones & Traffic Cone Types

When choosing road cones there are a few factors to consider. Choosing the right type for your particular needs is essential, especially if large quantities are required. This article will explain the differences between the different types of road cones and traffic cones that we provide.


We sell three main types of road cone, these are the Highwayman road cone, Budget road cone, and No Waiting Cones, the differences are as follows;

The highwayman traffic cone is our most popular cone, it is made in two parts and is used throughout the UK by most traffic management companies. The highwayman traffic cones are of a two part construction with a heavily weighted base and lightweight top, making them very stable with a low centre of gravity. This weight distribution also makes them very easy to set out as they can be dropped into place from the back or side of a vehicle and they generally stay put and stand where they fall. The highwayman road cone features a Retro-Reflective band that reflects light specifically back at its source ( the driver of a car)

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I Want Armco Safety Barrier, Or do I?

When people are looking for impact barrier the first name that pops into their head in most cases is ‘Armco’. Armco was the brand name for barriers made by the AK Steel Corporation in the USA. Actual Armco crash barrier has been used for many years on the UK motorways, race circuits and road sides. As it has been so popular the name has been adopted by many to describe all sorts of impact barriers that are of a similar construction to that of actual Armco barrier.

So do you really need Armco barrier?

This is a good question, Armco barrier has no actual specification. There is no mention of it within the British Standards, again it is just a name for impact barrier that has been adopted as a generic term. So the answer is yes,.. and no, below is a list of applications where the impact or ‘Armco’ barrier that we provide can be used.

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