Road Marking Guide (aka Hot Mark / Road Mark)

There is a wide spectrum of line marking for roads. Different sizes, colours, lines, numbers, letters and symbols are available.

Whether it be for the side of the road, used in big applications or to simply mark off and number a drive way, road markings cover many different applications.

All the road markings are offered in two colours, either white or yellow, it is totally up to the customer which colour they have. The price stays the same for either colour that is chosen.

LINES – Road marking lines come in 5m rolls, the rolls can be various different widths depending on the application the customer requires it for – Start Traffic  stocks the most common widths which are 50mm, 100mm and 200mm.

NUMBERS/LETTERS – The numbers and letters come in a variety of sizes. Any numbers can be supplied from 0-9 and letters from A-Z. Any word can be made for the line marking, popular words are ‘DISABLED’, ‘RESERVED’ and ‘BUS LANE’ but you don’t have to stop there, any words can be made to suit the customers application.

SYMBOLS – You can have disabled badges, children crossing, speed roundels, bike lane and others. These again come in a variety of sizes.

We offer a range of products to be used with the road marking, the propane burner and glass beads are products that are popularly brought with the road marking.

For the letters, numbers and symbols it is important to note that there is a lead time as these are made to your requirements –  normally only 5-7 working days but it can vary. Please call if you are interested in any of these products to check for lead times and stock availability on items.