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Hedge Cutting – When Can it be Done?

Within the last couple of years under European legislation the hedge cutting ban time has been extended by 1  month. It is now illegal (in most circumstances) to cut hedges between 1st  March and the 31st August.

Hedge cutting Q-sign.

The time frame has been extended to protect some species of birds, however there are omitting circumstances that allows hedges to still be cut between March and September. The hedgerow may be cut if it is posing a hazard to pedestrians or road users by over hanging a path or road, if parts of the hedge are dead or if it has been planted within the last six months of the year.

For more information on hedgerow management see these hedgelink guidelines.
We offer hedge cutting signs in a few different formats including metal signs, roll up packages and folding plastic Q-signs.

Folding tree / hedge cutting sign package
Roll up / folding tree cutting package.

If you require a hedge cutting sign or a sign package then you can either contact us on 01905 794 875 or you can visit our online store.

Customised Cone Sleeves

One of our customers came to us asking for customised cone sleeves.  They wanted the DHL logo to be printed on the sleeve and it needed to conform to EN13422.  We produced a mock up for approval (see below)

DHL Cone Sleeve

They confirmed it was to their specification and gave us an order.  We turned these items around in two weeks.   Photographs of the finished product are below.

Customised DHL Cone Sleeve

Customised DHL Cone Sleeve

Please note if you require a customised product there may be a longer lead time and there is usually a minimum order quantity. If you have a requirement for a customised product please give us a call.

Yellow Avalon Clearpath Barrier

The Avalon Barrier once again proving to be a great product! The Yellow Clearpath Avalon Barrier has been used at the Bolton Lads & Girls Club around a climbing wall to section it off for safety reasons. The barrier used is a clearpath barrier, this is so that one side of the barrier feet are non-trip, reducing the risk of trip, making them safer to use in smaller environments where pedestrians are going to be. As you can see the colour of the barriers contrast with the club colours.


The Avalon Barrier

The Avalon Barrier – the most popular barrier system we sell. Typically used for road works, site works, exhibitions and events. The Avalon barrier has recently been used in a nursery garden to separate the outdoor play area. You can see the Avalon barriers offer a safe, sturdy and colourful barrier system for the nursery area.  Proving to be a great, all round, quality product.

Avalon Barrier Alternative USe

Case Study: RB2000 Water Filled Barriers Alternate Uses

Our Water Filled Barrier product is normally used on the road for Traffic Management. However, we have recently supplied a quantity of RB2000 Heavy Duty Water Filled Barriers in white to the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham for use in their new penguin enclosure.  As you can see from the photographs the penguins are quite happy and feel at home in their new native surroundings. This just goes to show how versatile this product can be!!

Quite content penguins next to our RB2000 barrier system

Can be used to contain pesky penguins

Another use for water filled barriers recently spotted at Alton Towers amusement park just outside of Stoke-on-Trent. These are the GB2 Heavy Duty Barriers which are custom coloured in black to match the theme of the park. If you are looking for a quote on these products you can contact us on 01905 794 875.

Water filled barries being used at Alton Towers Water filled barrier at Alton Towers