Oxford Plastics Watchman MKII Planks & Ballast Tray for Watchman Barriers

Oxford Plastics are always looking to improve their products and have recently chosen to upgrade the plastic that they were using to make the planks which make up the Watchman barrier set. The previous planks were more likely to become brittle over time and discolour. The New HDPE planks won’t go brittle with age and are far longer lasting.  The new planks are now an attractive yellow colour distinguishing them from the older type and also increasing the visibility.

Oxford Plastics Watchman mk2 Yellow PlanksThe Watchman MKII is the best solution if you need to corner off an area and the typical manhole barrier is too small to work in. The kit is available in two sizes, the 1.25m which is pictured above and a 2m kit. The only difference in the kits are the length of the reflective planks.

Oxford Plastics Watchman mk2 barrier system post

We recently featured the Ballast tray for the Avalon barrier on our blog which simply hooks onto the base of the barrier and then the tray can be filled with either sand or fence feet to add the ballast. This tray has now been adapted to work with the Watchman MKII system. The tray hooks onto the lower planks enabling much greater stability in higher winds.


The fence foot adds around 24kg of ballast and it is possible to add two per Ballast Tray.  The Watchman passes wind loading Class B with 1 fence foot or 12kg of spoil added to the Ballast Tray (BS 8442:2006 Road safety regulations)


There are accessories available for the Watchman MKII kit including lights and ballast trays. If you would like a quote on the MKII Watchman barrier system then please contact us here!