Permanent Pothole Repair Ultracrete

Pothole problem? Don’t go potty!

We are pleased to announce that we have a new (and even more affordable) cold lay permanent pothole repair for asphalt tarmac and concrete.  Ultracrete pothole repair is a superior cold lay which is HAPAS approved, this means it has been certified for motorway use by the British Board Agrement, Highways Agency, ADEPT, TAG, MPA, HTMA, CECA.

Ultracrete is instant and can be flattened with live traffic on the spot with any weather condition, wet, freezing or hot.  Being HAPAS approved, this can stand up to the grueling pressure of HGV’s over and over again.  Supplied in 25KG handled tubs which can be recycled or re-used as storage too!

Ultracrete includes fully graded, high PSV interlocking aggregate and specially formulated bitumen making it compatible with every road surface.  For use with repairing driveways, garden paths, foot and cycle tracks, motorway road repair and car parks.

Why use Ultracrete?

  • Use in wet, freezing and hot conditions
  • No special preparation (just get your brush and spade)
  • Instant trafficking
  • Deployed in minutes
  • Compatible with existing road surfaces
  • Solvent free
We recommend using the bitumen spray sealer for a permanent pothole repair.

Using Ultracrete requires no special training or tools. If you just need a long lasting pothole repair, just use a brush and spade to sweep and flatten Ultracrete into the pothole!

Don’t pot about! You can order your wonder repair macadam today! Click here