Hedge Cutting – When Can it be Done?

Within the last couple of years under European legislation the hedge cutting ban time has been extended by 1  month. It is now illegal (in most circumstances) to cut hedges between 1st  March and the 31st August.

Hedge cutting Q-sign.

The time frame has been extended to protect some species of birds, however there are omitting circumstances that allows hedges to still be cut between March and September. The hedgerow may be cut if it is posing a hazard to pedestrians or road users by over hanging a path or road, if parts of the hedge are dead or if it has been planted within the last six months of the year.

For more information on hedgerow management see these hedgelink guidelines.
We offer hedge cutting signs in a few different formats including metal signs, roll up packages and folding plastic Q-signs.

Folding tree / hedge cutting sign package
Roll up / folding tree cutting package.

If you require a hedge cutting sign or a sign package then you can either contact us on 01905 794 875 or you can visit our online store.

FlexBrite Bollard – Highly Flexible Marker Post

The SuperFlex or FlexBrite Bollard is a highly flexible road marker which is capable of taking continuous impacts from cars or vans without causing any damage to the vehicle. The Bollard has 4 reflective strips visible from all angles making them clearly visible at night as well as day.

Black and Yellow and Orange and White FlexBrite Bollards.
The FlexBrite is available in two colours, Black and Yellow and Orange and White.

The Bollard can be used to mark off restricted areas, access points, public drop off zones, marking out lanes or marking out parking areas.

FlexBrite flexibility
The FlexBrite post can withstand being completely folded over.

The Bollard is made from Polyurethane meaning it can withstand being  folded over completely numerous times without cracking, bending or breaking. If you are putting marker posts in and it is in area that is likely to be hit by cars than this really the best bollard for job.

Base of Flexible post
3 x M10 anchor bolts will see the post securely fixed.

The Bollard is available in 1 metre or 750mm .  It weighs 1.6kg and has an overall diameter of 81.61mm.  The base has a diameter of 97.11mm and can be fixed with 3 x M10 anchor style fixings.

If you’d like more information or a quote on this product then please contact us on [email protected] or call on 01905 794875.