Water Filled Barrier systems

When deciding which water filled barrier system is the right one for your application there is quite a lot on the market to consider. From small 1-metre barriers to larger heavy duty crash style barriers, there is usually an option somewhere which will fit your application.

2-metre water filled barrier
2-metre Euro barriers white and red.

Pedestrian Small Barriers

The most commonly seen water filled barriers are the Evo/Euro barriers. These barriers are usually Red or White and at the smallest are 1-metre long and largest 2-metres with a few options in between. They are most commonly used to separate pedestrians from traffic in a low-speed application.

highwall vs evo 1-metre water filled barriers
Highwall Evo80 vs. Evo 1-metre

Highwall barrier

The Highwall water filled barrier is a slightly taller and longer version of the Evo1-metre. The standard Evo barrier is not very tall so could potentially be hit much easier without being seen, whereas the Evo80 (Highwall) adds that extra bit of height for better visibility. The Highwall barrier also benefits from a higher fill level for more ballast.

reflective panel water filled barrier
1-metre Evo barrier with a reflective top panel.

Top Panels

With the smaller barriers, you may need to consider if you need a fence mesh top panel or a reflective top panel. The fence top panel is an easy way of adding extra height to your barrier system without the major expense of investing in a new system altogether. New to the 1 metre Evo barrier, the 1-peice reflective plank is now available which mounts just like the mesh panel but adds a reflective strip for extra visibility when being used for roadside applications.

Heavy Duty Barriers

For some applications like industrial sites, building or housing developments, tracks, lane delineation or distribution depots you may need a barrier which is larger and more visible which is where the heavy duty barrier systems come into play. There are a few different options available on the market and we offer a range to cover as many application as possible.

Heavy Duty RB2000 water filled barrier
Heavy duty RB2000 water filled barrier
fence top panel or hoarding panel with GB2 water filled barrier
Fence top panel or hoarding panel with GB2 water filled barrier

Hoarding Top Panels

Like the smaller water-filled barriers the heavy duty barriers also have the option of having fence top panels or hoarding panels. If you require a taller barrier, then a fence top will double the height from around 1000mm to 2000mm+.  If you need a more private solution,  then hoarding panels are the most suitable solution. For example, if you are working within a city centre and the footpath you are bordering is narrow then you may not want people stopping and congesting the footpath by looking through the fence.

Crash Tested Barriers

Within the heavy duty barrier range, there is also the option to have a crash tested barrier. The RB22 is a heavy duty barrier which has been crash tested and approved to BS EN1317 -N1 at 50mph. The RB22 makes an excellent alternative to concrete barriers as it is easy to install, lightweight for transport and no heavy duty tooling is needed for fix or fitting.

Water filled barriers - crash tested RB22
Water filled RB22 crash barrier

Track Barriers

One of the most common applications for water filled barrier systems is race tracks. Whether it be for Go Karting inside or out or driving experience days, water filled barriers can be an excellent choice for driver and vehicle protection.

Starting with the smallest barriers, the Rota series is available in either 300mm, 360mm or 500mm high versions. With different lengths available between 1350mm and 1500mm. These barriers are designed with a patented locking mechanism that allows ‘S’ bends and curves to be created.

Track barrers - rb500
Go kart water filled barrier system – RB500

If you require any more information or would like to purchase any Water filled barriers then you can visit our online store, or call us on 0800 978 8920.