Track Barriers – Go Kart

We have a variety of barriers available from stock but not all of these barriers are suitable for use around Go Kart tracks.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a barrier for use around a go kart track.   These are durability, flexibility and most importantly safety. We stock one barrier in particular that meets all of these requirements, the RB500 track and site barrier.  This barrier is ideal for use around go kart tracks for the following reasons;

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Road Cones & Traffic Cone Types

When choosing road cones there are a few factors to consider. Choosing the right type for your particular needs is essential, especially if large quantities are required. This article will explain the differences between the different types of road cones and traffic cones that we provide.


We sell three main types of road cone, these are the Highwayman road cone, Budget road cone, and No Waiting Cones, the differences are as follows;

The highwayman traffic cone is our most popular cone, it is made in two parts and is used throughout the UK by most traffic management companies. The highwayman traffic cones are of a two part construction with a heavily weighted base and lightweight top, making them very stable with a low centre of gravity. This weight distribution also makes them very easy to set out as they can be dropped into place from the back or side of a vehicle and they generally stay put and stand where they fall. The highwayman road cone features a Retro-Reflective band that reflects light specifically back at its source ( the driver of a car)

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