I Want Armco Safety Barrier, Or do I?

When people are looking for impact barrier the first name that pops into their head in most cases is ‘Armco’. Armco was the brand name for barriers made by the AK Steel Corporation in the USA. Actual Armco crash barrier has been used for many years on the UK motorways, race circuits and road sides. As it has been so popular the name has been adopted by many to describe all sorts of impact barriers that are of a similar construction to that of actual Armco barrier.

So do you really need Armco barrier?

This is a good question, Armco barrier has no actual specification. There is no mention of it within the British Standards, again it is just a name for impact barrier that has been adopted as a generic term. So the answer is yes,.. and no, below is a list of applications where the impact or ‘Armco’ barrier that we provide can be used.

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1M Water Filled Safety Barrier – Product Review

The 1M water filled safety barrier is a compact and sturdy safety barrier. Supplied mainly in red or white colours for increased visibility this 1M barrier system is ideal for use in town and city centres for vehicles. It is designed to be left in place for longer periods of time than the Avalon Safety Barrier due to its heavier weight when filled.

When empty this barrier weighs only 8kg, but once filled with water its weight is increased to 28 k. This makes the water filled safety barrier system very quick and easy to deploy, and also very cost effective as it requires minimal amounts of labour.

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