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First Traffic Cone in Space?

This summer we did something a little different from our normal routine of writing about traffic products. We ended up putting what we think may be the first traffic cone in space. We teamed up to help a team called “Scrumtrulescent” in taking part in the GISHWHES scavenger hunt.

Why a traffic cone? and why space?

With Elon Musk recently sending a car into space, we will soon be needing to think about regulating car traffic in space (well maybe not that soon).

For that reason, GISH set out a challenge to put a traffic cone or road sign into space.

Being somewhat familiar with traffic cones we were well up for the challenge. In partnership with Sent into Space we were able to launch our traffic cone and get some great photos, and even a video!

We think that it may have even been the first traffic cone to get up into space!

What is GISH?

Gish is a worldwide scavenger hunt that sets out challenges for all sorts of reasons. It was set up by actor Misha Collins and has grown quickly. With various prizes being awarded to teams that compete and win challenges.

A new name, domain and website!

Over the last month we have been simplifying our identity and branding. We started with shortening our company name to Start Traffic Ltd which removed any ambiguity from our primary business model.

Now, we are making some further improvements as part of our future ecommerce strategy from today.

Our website address has changed from to (All contact Email addresses are also correspondingly updated. e.g.

  • Standards and Authority – The .uk domain is set to become the de facto standard for UK websites (e.g. to fall in line with other country code domains. The vast majority of countries have a direct top level also (ccTLD), which means that users outside the UK are naturally inclined to type because they’re used to typing .de or .fr or .ca. The only way to survive in the web industry is to keep evolving and moving to .uk helps reflect this as it is now the third most popular country code top level domains with over 11 million .uk domains now registered.
  • Short and Sweet – It may only be three characters different, but it quickly adds up if you’re a mobile user visiting multiple times a day. Fewer characters mean less chance of typos.

A New Website – Next generation design with a familiar feel, faster and mobile friendly. Our new store is built from the ground up in alignment with our American sister company

  • Our new website is designed to be mobile web responsive (smartphone friendly) enabling us to better support our vast majority of customers on the move.
  • A change is as good as a rest – Improving our function and design gives us chance to re-think the way we support our customers and products with many new features coming in the near future. You’ll hear more about this soon.

Site Wide Security – (EV SSL)

address bar showing secure connection

  • Extra security for our customers and protecting privacy – Although we have always encrypted and securely handled your personal data through our site, we have decided to go one step further and implement encryption throughout the entire browsing experience from the moment you visit us.

That’s it for now, we hope you’ll look forward to using our new site and services. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact me personally on 01905 384 666.

– Danny Start

The complete range of Q-Sign Road Works signs, delivered from stock!

We often get told by customers that they prefer the Q-Sign from Melba Swintex over the traditional metal types – they don’t rust or corrode, don’t bend out of shape and stack perfectly.

We now hold stock of almost every type of road sign in the Q-Sign design. Below is a list of our range of Q-Signs that are available for same day dispatch. Please contact us if you would like to enquire or order any of these or order directly online on our website.

Product Code Q-Sign Description
12572 Q-Sign – Men at Work with Supplementary Legs – NO PLATE
12376 Q-Sign – Men At Work Symbol – 750mm Triangle
12144 Q-Sign – ‘Keep Left / Right Symbol Reversible  – 750mm Circl
12369 Q-Sign – Keep Right Symbol – 750mm Circle
12378 Q-Sign – Road Narrows Right Symbol – 750mm Triangle
12605 Q-Sign – Road Narrows Right with ‘Single File Traffic’
12604 Q-Sign – Road Narrows Left with ‘Single File Traffic’
12367 Q-Sign – Keep Left Symbol – 750mm Circle
12513 Q-Sign – ‘Footpath Closed’ – 600x450mm
12006 Q-Sign – Men at Work with ‘End’ Sup-plate
12517 Q-Sign – ‘Pedestrians Please Use Other Footpath’ – 600x450mm
12515 Q-Sign – ‘Pedestrians’ with Reversible Arrow – 600x450mm
12371 Q-Sign – Road Narrows Left Symbol – 750mm Triangle
12002 Q-Sign – Hedge Cutting Supplementary Plate ONLY
12101 Q-Sign – Single File Traffic Supplementary Plate ONLY
12035 Q-Sign – Men at Work with ‘Hedge Cutting’ Plate
12504 Q-Sign – Men at Work with ‘Tree Cutting’ plate
12590 Q-Sign – ‘When Stop Sign Shows Wait Here’  – 1050x750mm red
12079 Q-Sign – Men at Work with ‘Grass Cutting’ plate
12075 Q-Sign – ‘Traffic Control Ahead’ – 1050x750mm
12103 Q-Sign – Surveying Supplementary Plate ONLY
12146 Q-Sign – ‘Traffic Signals Ahead Symbol Road Sign  – 750mm Tr
12106 Q-Sign – Tree Cutting Supplementary Plate ONLY
12092 Q-Sign – End Supplementary Plate ONLY
12073 Q-Sign – ‘WHEN RED LIGHT SHOWS WAIT HERE’ – 1050x750mm
12046 Q-Sign – ‘Road Ahead Closed’ – 1050x750mm
12057 Q-Sign – ‘Footpath Closed Ahead’ 600×450
12038 Q-Sign – ‘SLOW’ – 1050x450mm
12149 Q-Sign – ‘Road Narrows Both Symbol Road Sign  – 750mm Triang
12094 Q-Sign – Grass Cutting Supplementary Plate ONLY
12089 Q-Sign – Arrow Right Supplementary Plate ONLY
12088 Q-Sign – Arrow Left Supplementary Plate ONLY
12602 Q-Sign – ‘Caution Wet Paint’ – 600x450mm – tbd
12104 Q-Sign – Weed Spraying Supplementary Plate ONLY
12071 Q-Sign – Diversion Reversible Arrow – 1050x750mm
12056 Q-Sign – Diversion Right – 1050x750mm
12044 Q-Sign – ‘Road Closed’ – 1050x750mm
12069 Q-Sign – Diverted Traffic Ahead – 1050x450mm
12067 Q-Sign – Diverted Traffic Right – 1050x450mm
12063 Q-Sign – Diverted Traffic Left – 1050x450mm
12061 Q-Sign – ‘Diversion ENDS’ – 1050x750mm
12054 Q-Sign – Diversion Ahead – 1050x750mm
12052 Q-Sign – Diversion Left – 1050x750mm
12050 Q-Sign – ‘Raised Ironworks’ – 1050x750mm
12048 Q-Sign – ‘No Road Markings’ – 1050x750mm
12042 Q-Sign – ‘Temporary Road Surface’ – 1050x750mm
12040 Q-Sign – ‘Ramp Ahead’ – 1050x750mm
12036 Q-Sign – ‘RAMP’ – 1050x450mm
12170 Q-Sign – ‘Caution Trip Hazard Pedestrian Sign  – 600x450mm
12136 Q-Sign – ‘Site Entrance’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12116 Q-Sign – ‘Pedestrian Crossing Point’ Pedestrian Sign  – 600x
12113 Q-Sign – ‘Footway Closed’ Pedestrian Sign  – 600x450mm
12110 Q-Sign – ‘No Smoking’ Pedestrian Sign with Symbol  – 600×450
12109 Q-Sign – ‘Cyclists Dismount and Use Footway Pedestrian Sign
12076 Q-Sign – ‘Cyclists Dismount and Use Footway’ – 600x450mm
12157 Q-Sign – ‘No Road Markings’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12156 Q-Sign – ‘Danger Deep Excavation’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm re
12154 Q-Sign – ‘Heavy Plant Crossing’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12153 Q-Sign – ‘Slow Wet Tar’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12140 Q-Sign – ‘Reduce Speed Now’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12138 Q-Sign – ‘No Access’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12132 Q-Sign – ‘Works Access’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12125 Q-Sign – ‘3-Way Control | Wait HERE Until Green Light Shows’
12123 Q-Sign – 4-Way Control | Wait HERE Until Green Light Shows’
12118 Q-Sign – ‘Traffic Under Signal Control’ Road Sign  – 1050×75
12107 Q-Sign – Blank Supplementary Plate ONLY
12100 Q-Sign – Road Sweeping Supplementary Plate ONLY
12098 Q-Sign – Queues Likely Supplementary Plate ONLY
12097 Q-Sign – Gulley Emptying Supplementary Plate ONLY
12095 Q-Sign – Gritting Supplementary Plate ONLY
12091 Q-Sign – Ditching Supplementary Plate ONLY
12086 Q-Sign – 400 Yards Supplementary Plate ONLY
12085 Q-Sign – 300 Yards Supplementary Plate ONLY
12083 Q-Sign – 200 Yards Supplementary Plate ONLY
12082 Q-Sign – 100 Yards Supplementary Plate ONLY
12080 Q-Sign – 1 mile Supplementary Plate ONLY
12066 Q-Sign – Overhead Works Supplementary Plate ONLY
12064 Q-Sign – On Slip Road Supplementary Plate ONLY
12004 Q-Sign – Line Painting Supplementary Plate ONLY
12174 Q-Sign – Cyclists Dismount Supplementary Plate ONLY
12172 Q-Sign – Exposed Excavation Supplementary Plate ONLY
12169 Q-Sign – ‘Access to Frontages Only’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm
12168 Q-Sign – ‘Mud on Road’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12166 Q-Sign – ‘Works Traffic Only’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12165 Q-Sign – ‘Works Traffic’ Right Arrow Road Sign  – 1050x750mm
12164 Q-Sign – ‘Works Traffic’ Left Arrow Road Sign  – 1050x750mm
12162 Q-Sign – ‘No Through Road’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12161 Q-Sign – ‘Caution New Road Markings’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm
12160 Q-Sign – ‘Road Ahead Closed Access Only’ Road Sign  – 1050×7
12158 Q-Sign – ‘Temporary Road Surface’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm re
12152 Q-Sign – ‘New Road Layout Ahead’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12150 Q-Sign – ‘Concealed Entrance’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12147 Q-Sign – ‘Flood Road Sign  – 750mm Triangle
12143 Q-Sign – ‘No Left Turn Symbol Road Sign  – 750mm Circle
12141 Q-Sign – ‘No Right Turn Symbol Road Sign  – 750mm Circle
12134 Q-Sign – ‘Site Access’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12131 Q-Sign – ‘Access Only’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12120 Q-Sign – ‘Joining Traffic NOT Signal Controlled’ Road Sign
12112 Q-Sign – ‘Crossing Not In Use’ Pedestrian Sign  – 600x450mm


AccuChecked and AccuPhoto – Our new standard for specifications

We are in the process of introducing a number of changes to how our products are listed. Have you ever ordered a product, only to find the photos and / or the specification listed for the product was incorrect? Often the manufacturers specification is incorrect and the retailer has simply copied and pasted this.

We have introduced two standards into our specifications designed to prevent this.

AccuChecked – We have personally inspected, weighed, measured and described the product listed in the specification.

AccuPhoto – Photos that we have taken of the product are included in the listing and are of the actual product listed.

We are working on updating this for all of our products, but you can easily identify products completed by looking for the ‘AccuCheck’ and ‘AccuPhoto’ in the specification area.