A Brief Guide to Product Customisation

We often get a lot of enquiries as to whether products can be customised. Below is a brief summary how and what we commonly customise:

Cones – These are customised by embossing them, they can be embossed with anything you require, company name, logo or contact details etc. As well as having the cones embossed it is also possible to get the cone sleeves customised. A print can be produced to almost any design in any colour to suit the customers needs. The coloured plastic top is readily available in Highway orange, blue, yellow and green but can be any colour with a minimum of 400 pieces.

Avalon Barrier – These can be embossed. They are most commonly embossed with a company name, however they can be embossed with anything required. A plate is produced with the confirmed design on and is placed on a section at the bottom of the barrier (470x80mm), this is where the embossing will be placed. A sticker can also be put here if that is preferred. On the Avalon Barrier there is a section for a sign to be mounted on, upon which 1.4mm PVC or 3mm foamex is used as the sign material.

Sign Faces – There are many applications where customised sign faces are needed such as:

    • Company Promotions
    • Temporary Site Works Address
    • Site Contacts
    • Parties
    • Directions

A zintec sign face is produced. This can be in one of three sizes: 1050×750, 1050×450 or 600×450. These are also available in different colours: Blue background with white text, Red background with white text, White background with black text or Yellow background with black text. This is a choice that is completely up to the customer as to how they require the sign face to be.

It is important to note that if an item is going to be customised then there may be a slight lead time on the delivery of the item this can vary depending on what/how many of the items you require. There is also a minimum order quantity on some of the customised products this is listed in the product description/specification.