Road Works Notification Signs

We regularly receive requests for road works notification boards with a few common requirements. This post is intended to be a guide on choosing the right type and design of sign for your project.

There are three types of sign used for road works notification boards:

  • Metal frame with Zintec plate sign face – most common, usually used on medium – long term projects. Usually 750x750mm or 1050x750mm.
  • Cone Sign – Used on short term projects and on vehicles where space is a premium. Can be supplied with dry-wipe compatible boxes for writing new reference numbers and dates on. Usually 750x750mm.
  • Q-Sign – Perfect if you already use Q-Signs. New faces can be produced separately to replace the existing vinyl faces. Always 1050x750mm.

If the notification is for pedestrians, 600x450mm is normally the sized used in all three sign types.

Below is a photograph of a typical cone sign notification board. The artwork was produced based on a rough drawing of what they wanted.


It is always best for us to work from a sketch, drawing or mockup of what you want. A recent example was a company that had produced a mockup in Microsoft Word. This can be tidied up to produce the final signs – in this case for a 750x750mm cone sign.


Key information that is usually placed on a road works notification board includes:

  • Company logo(s) of those companies involved.
  • A reference number for the works being carried out
  • A start date
  • An end date
  • Potential times of disruption
  • A contact number
  • A website address (optional)

Delivery of a custom made road sign is typically 5 – 7 working days from the date of placing the order.

If you require a road works information board, please get in touch with us and we can be sure to help you out.