The new MK5 No Waiting Cone from JSP

The JSP Triangular No Waiting Cone MK5 is the newest iteration on the traditional No Waiting Cone. A number of key improvements have been made to differentiate itself from other competing products.

This new no waiting cone is extremely well built and very robust, having a slightly heavier base than some of the other no waiting cones we have seen. This makes it even more stable in windy conditions.

JSP no waiting cone
Overall image of the JSP No Waiting cone.

The cone has a finger grab hole in the top so that it is easy to pick up as well as grab handle around the base for when you are picking them up from a stack.

Top shot of the no waiting cone
The Grab hole is a useful feature of this cone.

The 200mm Roundel ‘No waiting’ symbol fully conforms to road regulations and has 2 year UV stabilisation, to prevent any fading or discolouration.

Base of the new JSP no waiting cone
Close up of the new JSP No Waiting cone base.

This no waiting cone has a 100% recycled PVC base and a blow moulded polyethylene top.

Underside of the new triangular no waiting cone.
Underside of the new triangular no waiting cone.

One of the handy features of this cone is the unique finger grips underneath that make it a little easier when separating them from a pile of cones or even just carrying them.

the no waiting cone grab handles.
Close up of the handles that can be used when lifting the cones from stacks.

These are in stock – please call us on 01905 794 875 if you would like to order or require any more information.