Supagrip SafeKerb from Oxford Plastics

The latest product from Oxford Plastics is an improved version of the widely used SafeKerb. The Supagrip Safekerb has a rubberized edge – this means there is less of a bump going both up or down all whilst improving grip. This improved grip means that it does not need to be bolted down in many applications, yet offers the ability to if risk assessment deems necessary.

The new design also allows for a greater weight capacity. The standard Safekerb is suitable for use up to 250kg where as the Supagrip version will take an extra 100kgs bringing it up to 350kg.

supagrip safekerb situated on kerb for public access


The Supagrip Safekerb meets all the same safety requirements as the standard Safekerb and has a safe operational height of 60 -160mm.

supagrip safekerb in use

The new design has a more rigid design then the standard version and is ideal for use with mobilty scooters, sack trucks, wheel chairs, wheelie bins and push chairs up to 350kgs.

oxford plastics supagrip safekerb underside

If you are interested in more information on this product then you can contact us on 01905 794875. if you would like to see other kerb ramp options then you can visit our online store here!