Using Viafix for Cost Effective Permanent Pot Hole Repair.

Repairing a pot hole can be really difficult, especially if you don’t want to spend lots of money having a hot pot hole repair done.

Viafix is a revolutionary product in that it is applied cold, yet can out perform even hot repairs. It is simple to use, and can even be applied in extreme wet and cold conditions.

Applying the repair is simple.

  1. Remove all loose debris and rubble from the pothole.
  2. Put the Viafix compound into the Pot Hole.
  3. Compact the Viafix with a shovel or other weighted item. It can even be compacted by driving a car over it.
  4. Apply water.

Job done.
This product really is excellent, it lasts far longer than cold lay repairs, and is even used for pot hole repairs on the Severn Bridge due to its instant durability.

You can buy Viafix Pot Hole Repair Compound on this link.