Composite Road Plates as an Alternative to Steel Road Plates

When digging trenches across a roadway as part of road works, utility installation or construction project the most frequent solution to cover up trenches is steel plates. These require specialist lifting equipment and are  difficult to transport and store. Our alternative solution is the composite road plate system.

The Composite Road Plate system from Oxford Plastics is the new approach to solving this problem. Only two men are required to deploy this and everything needed to cover trenches over typical roads can easily be stored on a single pallet.

Below you can see the simple steps needed to deploy a road trench system with only two men.

Composite Road Plate Underside Composite Road Plate Composite Road Plate

No fixings are needed on the inner pieces as they use a built in pin system to lock them into place.  No messy cold tarmac, awkward fixings or wasted time!

locking pins for road plates
The pins underneath the road drop down and lock the plate in against the edges of the trench.

Each inner section comes complete with the pins (3 blocks and 14 pins) so that you can deploy them straight away.

Some other advantages of the Composite Road Plate system are:

  • The surface is anti-slip.
  • Very little noise compared to clanging steel plates.
  • Increased safety during deployment due to much lower weight.
Lorry passing over road plate
They are able to withstand all standard traffic including 44T HGV’s.

Both the inner and end sections of the composite road plate system are available to buy from Start Traffic here: Composite Road Plate System.