Stabilising Pedestrian Barriers

With the introduction of new wind speed code of practice and stabilising pedestrian barriers, Oxford Plastics has released an innovative new ballast tray which allows the barrier to withstand even the worst windspeeds.

ballast tray for Avalon barriers
The new ballast tray for Avalon barriers.

The feature that makes this unique is that the tray can be filled with Heras fence feet, sand, soil or  other ballast. These are usually on-site where the barrier is being used!

Below is a table that lists the weight required in the ballast tray to meet the specific wind speed class regulations. This varies according to the barrier type being used.

Kg required for each windspeed class BS8442
Barrier Type C 19.5mph B 38.4mph A 58.8mph
2m Avalon 0 37 90
2m Pro 0 25 65
1.25m Watchman 0 0 16
1.5m Watchman 0 3 24
2m Watchman 0 12 44
3m Watchman 0 34 97
Tray weighs approximately 45kg when level filled with soil
Standard fencefoot weighs 18kg
Oxford Plastics Ballast Tray
The Oxford Ballast Tray can be purchased on its own or with the Avalon barrier

The ballast tray is available in stock, ready for same day dispatch from Start Traffic here: Oxford Ballast Tray.

An alternative – the JSP Cross Link Barrier

Whilst the new ballast tray solution is suitable for almost all jobs, other alternatives do exist to add stability. One of these is the JSP Cross Link system for the Frontier Barrier.

Frontier barrier introduction to stability poles
The new Frontier barrier form JSP

Using two telescopic stability poles, it is possible to cross brace barriers to each other or alternatively to weighted blocks. This gives some flexibility in certain applications.

Cross-link pole in detail
Cross-link pole in detail

The Surefoot bloc is a high density PVC weight which can be used in one of two ways.

  • It can be placed over any JSP foot, adding weight and increasing stability.
  • It can be combined with the¬†telescopic stability poles to provide even further wind resistance and stability.
Anti-tamper system for the Frontier barrier
An anti-tamper device is also available for the Frontier barrier

The Frontier barrier system is in stock and available from Start Traffic, ready for same day dispatch here: Frontier Barrier from JSP