Low Pro Trench Cover – No fixings required

The Low Pro Trench Cover is the increasingly popular choice for contractors. It has a rubber edge with a reduced profile to prevent tripping and that grips to the surface to prevent slipping. Both of these make it safer for pedestrians. This can also eliminate the need to bolt it down using traditional fixings as with standard trench covers.

Low Pro Trench Cover

It’s handy size of 1125 x 1125mm means that it can be used on trench widths of up to 700mm and covers a wider area than the standard 1200x800mm sized covers.

The Low Pro fully complies with all relevant standards including the National Grid Footway Board specification T/SP/E/42.

This can be purchased individually or on a pallet of 30 and is in stock, ready for same day dispatch from Start Traffic: Low Pro Trench Cover