Wheelchair / Kerb Ramp – New Range

Picking the best Kerb Ramp for your job is often confusing. One of our popular products is the SafeKerb – we are introducing today two new products designed to compliment this and fill out our range.

Kerb Ramp Review Roundup
From left to right: Kerb Buddy, Safe Kerb and Tricel Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp

To help identify which is best for your application we have put together a table showing the attributes of each.

Oxford Safe Kerb Melba Kerb Buddy Tricel Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp
Maximum Load 250kg 250kg 750kg
Grip Treads
Extra Wide Design
Smaller footprint
Efficient stacking
One man lift
High Side Guards
Can be bolted down

The Melba Kerb Buddy has been introduced with extra high side guards to ensure that mobility scooters cannot travel across the ramp diagonally and come off the edges. In addition, it’s slightly oversized design gives more generous passage over the ramp.

The Kerb Buddy

The SafeKerb is the basic kerb ramp – compact, lightweight and does the job. It is very popular with home users, however it should be noted that even though it is compact, it is still larger than some people expect at 1265mm wide.

Safe Kerb Ramp
The Safe Kerb

The Tricel Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp is for those applications where there is likely to be high volumes of foot or mobility scooter traffic. It’s built to withstand the worst and has a maximum load rating of 750kg. In addition, it is the most efficient stacking of the three – a pallet of 30 is approximately 1m high.

Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp
The Tricel Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp

All three of the above products are in stock and ready for same day dispatch from Start Traffic below:

Melba Kerb Buddy
Oxford Safe Kerb
Tricel Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp