Cable Covers or ‘Big Macs’

These cable covers from Melba Swintex are a tried and tested range designed to cover any exposed electrical cables. Most commonly this is when an illuminated traffic bollard has been hit, leaving the electricals uncovered. These are sometimes also called ‘Big Macs’, ‘chunky covers’ and ‘temporary cover cones’.

A Melba Swintex cable cover in use
The Melba Swintex cable cover – used to cover up a damaged or missing

Made from high visibility yellow HDPE, these stand out from afar and allow any internal illumination that may be present underneath to pass through. With a height of 1.02 metres tall and with a 735x735mm hexagonal base, these are hard to miss. Internally, the diameter starts at approximately 60cm and tapers narrower, which means these are stackable. The base is sand weighted, bringing the total weight to between 12.5 and 17.5kg.

Front and back view of the Melba Swintex cable cover
The front and back view of the Melba cable cover with a ‘keep left’ symbol and ‘LIVE WIRE BELOW’ combination.

The most common type of cable cover is with the ‘LIVE WIRE BELOW’ band at the bottom and a keep left symbol, suited to the UK traffic flow.

Closeup of the cable cover base
The ~30kg sand weighted base makes this incredibly stable.

The Melba cable cover can be manufactured in almost any colour to meet your requirements and in addition, custom stickers can be made to suit your application. Common variations include ‘DANGER LIVE CABLE’ and ‘DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE’.

Almost any colour can be manufactured (minimum quantities apply) and custom stickers can be manufactured to suit your application.

If you would like to order this product or would like to enquire about custom versions, please call us on 01905 794 875. It is also available to buy online.