1M Water Filled Safety Barrier – Product Review

The 1M water filled safety barrier is a compact and sturdy safety barrier. Supplied mainly in red or white colours for increased visibility this 1M barrier system is ideal for use in town and city centres for vehicles. It is designed to be left in place for longer periods of time than the Avalon Safety Barrier due to its heavier weight when filled.

When empty this barrier weighs only 8kg, but once filled with water its weight is increased to 28 k. This makes the water filled safety barrier system very quick and easy to deploy, and also very cost effective as it requires minimal amounts of labour.

The water filled barriers heavy weight when filled also makes the barrier ideal for closing off entrances to fields, industrial estates and car parks. It also has its uses in traffic control at events, pedestrian control at airports and docks, and for delineation of traffic as it can be used to create a clearly marked out road way.

Each section has a male and female locking system, this allows the barriers to be linked together creating a long unbroken barrier. The locking system on the 1M water filled barriers is designed so that curves and straight sections can be achieved with ease.

You can view the 1M Water filled Safety Barrier in our barrier shop.