I Want Armco Safety Barrier, Or do I?

When people are looking for impact barrier the first name that pops into their head in most cases is ‘Armco’. Armco was the brand name for barriers made by the AK Steel Corporation in the USA. Actual Armco crash barrier has been used for many years on the UK motorways, race circuits and road sides. As it has been so popular the name has been adopted by many to describe all sorts of impact barriers that are of a similar construction to that of actual Armco barrier.

So do you really need Armco barrier?

This is a good question, Armco barrier has no actual specification. There is no mention of it within the British Standards, again it is just a name for impact barrier that has been adopted as a generic term. So the answer is yes,.. and no, below is a list of applications where the impact or ‘Armco’ barrier that we provide can be used.

Applications where our impact barriers will be suitable:

Car Parks – if you need an impact barrier to go around a car parkĀ  to outline parking areas and prevent cars from parking too close to the opposite row then normal impact barrier is an ideal solution.

Building Protection – Use impact barrier to protect buildings in and around factories and warehouses where vehicles are passing frequently and close to buildings. It is much cheaper to replace a piece of impact barrier than to replace a wall that has been badly grazed by a car or lorry.

Loading Bays – Where large vehicles are frequently reversing it is advised that impact barrier should be present. When reversing visibility can be reduced, especially in larger vehicles. So instead of them nudging into the building and causing damage they could nudge into an Impact barrier that wont even show a mark.

Machine Protection & Racking Protection – Inside factories and warehouses where forklifts and mobile lifting equipment operate it can be essential to have impact barrier around racking and machines to offer protection. A simple misjudgement could cause thousands of pounds of damage and even worse a collapsed section of racking and an injury! Should a forklift strike a machine or control panel it could cause weeks of downtime of production whilst machines are repaired! so it really is in your best interest to get an impact barrier installed to replace them.

We offer impact barrier on our online store which can be found on the following link: Impact Barrier