Road Cones & Traffic Cone Types

When choosing road cones there are a few factors to consider. Choosing the right type for your particular needs is essential, especially if large quantities are required. This article will explain the differences between the different types of road cones and traffic cones that we provide.


We sell three main types of road cone, these are the Highwayman road cone, Budget road cone, and No Waiting Cones, the differences are as follows;

The highwayman traffic cone is our most popular cone, it is made in two parts and is used throughout the UK by most traffic management companies. The highwayman traffic cones are of a two part construction with a heavily weighted base and lightweight top, making them very stable with a low centre of gravity. This weight distribution also makes them very easy to set out as they can be dropped into place from the back or side of a vehicle and they generally stay put and stand where they fall. The highwayman road cone features a Retro-Reflective band that reflects light specifically back at its source ( the driver of a car)

The budget traffic cone or E cone, is a budget one piece type of traffic cone. It also comes with a Retro-Reflective band. Made in once piece these cones are cheaper to buy and slightly lighter than the Highwayman cones. They are frequently used on road works all over the UK, due to their cheap cost to buy it is not so expensive to replace the traffic cones if they get run over.


No waiting cones are a specialised type of cone that is supplied in either a “Warden no waiting cone” format or a “conical no waiting cone” format. Both cones are of a two part construction and are therefore very stable when being set out and are also very resistant to wind due to their low height. They are used to mark areas where people should not park, so are ideal for reserving parking spaces or stopping a road side being parked on when there are no double yellows.


The sizing of cones is important however it is only normally applicable to standard type traffic cones such as the Highwayman, and Budget cones. When using these cones it is important to ensure the correct height of cone has been used for environment it is deployed in. With the Highwayman road cone there is three sizes available 500mm, 750mm & 1000mm, with the budget cones the sizes available are 500mm and 750mm. The no waiting cones are just available as 500mm height.

Please see our previous guide Correct Traffic Cone and Road Sign Sizing.

Road legality

The only one of the above cones that should not be used on a UK highway/ roadway is the conical no waiting road cone, this is because of its shape. It is however ideal for use on private car parks and outside office blocks as its cheaper price tag makes it more cost effective to use.

If you need any further assistance in choosing a road cone please contact our sales department.

In a later article we will cover the accessories that are available for use with our traffic cones.