Track Barriers – Go Kart

We have a variety of barriers available from stock but not all of these barriers are suitable for use around Go Kart tracks.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a barrier for use around a go kart track.   These are durability, flexibility and most importantly safety. We stock one barrier in particular that meets all of these requirements, the RB500 track and site barrier.  This barrier is ideal for use around go kart tracks for the following reasons;

Flexibility – Your go kart track will be pretty boring if it is all straight lines. Not all barriers allow for curves to be created, especially not the tight bends required when making a go kart track to make it interesting to racers. The RB500 track barrier has a special locking pin design that allows very tight bends to be achieved. It also means that the barrier wont be easily dislodged from its neighbouring barrier when someone makes contact with them.

Durability – The RB500 track barriers are made from a  durable UV stabilised Polyethylene, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor track use. They will be able to withstand frequent impacts of go kart’s without showing damage. With the option of filling these barriers with water or sand these barriers can be weighted to keep them in position.

Safety –  Because of its design our track barrier is very safe for use on go kart tracks, it has no sharp surfaces exposed with all corners being rounded. We also have the ability to supply various termination pieces for the track barrier to make stop ends more finished, and safer. Because of their hollow design they also absorb impact , minimizing stress placed on the Go-Kart and its occupant.

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