New Skipper Barrier Accessories

Recently Skipper have released three new products to compliment their Skipper barrier range.

  • The Skipper Recycle bin.
  • The Skipper Safety dispenser.
  • The Skipper Hand sanitiser bracket.
New Skipper Barrier Accessories
From left to right: The Skipper waste bin, The Safety dispenser and the Sanitiser dispenser.

Skipper Recycle Bin

The new Skipper recycle bin offers a versatile approach to waste disposal. The bin can attach to the Skipper post & base collar, the magnetic & cord strap holder/receiver and the suction pad holder/receiver via the suction cup bracket. This allows the Skipper bin to be moved around to wherever it may be needed and used to be used in many environments.

Skipper recycle bin
The new Skipper recycle bin on its own.
Skipper bin and barrier
The Skipper bin and dispenser

Skipper Safety Dispenser

The Skipper Safety Dispenser is designed for environments where safety equipment or PPE needs to made available. Ear buds and safety glasses are common items to dispense. Like the recycle bin above, it works with the rest of the Skipper system allowing it to be attached or placed anywhere – freestanding or on a wall.

Skipper safety dispenser
The Skipper safety dispenser on its own
Skipper barrier system with accessories in factory workshop
The Skipper barrier system being used on a factory production line

Skipper Sanitiser Bracket

The Skipper Sanitiser Bracket complements the above accessories – it adds the ability to hold a bottle of hand sanitiser or other dispenser. Ideal for hospital or health-conscious environments where it can be placed literally anywhere.

Skipper sanitiser bracket
The Skipper sanitiser hand bracket on its own
Skipper hand sanitiser bracket in use
The Skipper hand sanitiser bracket with wall mount (sold separately)

How they can be used together

All skipper accessories are designed to work together using a standard mount – The image below shows how you could use the bin and safety dispenser. It has been used with the post and base system, including a standard Skipper retractable barrier and A4 Sign holder.

Skipper post and base, safety dispenser, recycle bin, retractable barrier and A4 sign holder
The Skipper barrier system with accessories in use

The Skipper collar is an accessory that allows any of the above to be connected to the Skipper post and base.

Skipper barrier collar
The collar fits over the post and base, allowing many other Skipper accessories to be fitted.

These are available to buy from Start Traffic here:

Skipper Recycle Bin
Skipper Safety Dispenser
Skipper Hand SanitiserSkipper Collar for Post and Base