Premium Quality Stop and Go Sign

Standard Stop and Go sign (or lollipop signs) often come with reflective or non-reflective faces that are vulnerable to scratches, can discolour over time and may have bubbles caught underneath. This is not only unsightly but will reduce the visibility and lifespan of your product. Why waste your money on a stop / go sign that won’t last?

Our new, Premium Stop and Go Lollipop Signs are built to take the conditions out on the road and offer real value for money.

Why use our Stop and Go Sign?

comparison of stop-go signs

We use 3M Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting which is a non-metalised microprismatic sheeting for permanent road traffic signs meeting the performance requirements of BS EN 12899-1:2007 Class RA1.

  • Reflective faces designed for a seven year effective performance life.
  • Durable – provides a seven year effective performance life.
  • Improved legibility, due to better colour contrast.
  • Enhanced brightness by day and by night.
  • Better visibility in all weather conditions.

3M reflective sheeting

In addition to the reflective face being very high quality, this is stuck on to a body that has the following features.

  • Single molded body from HDPE – virtually impossible to break and doesn’t rust.
  • Detachable handle for more compact transport between locations.

The premium stop and go lollipop signs is available in stock, ready for same day dispatch from Start Traffic here: Premium Stop and Go Lollipop Sign