The new Watchman Barrier MKII

A compact and lightweight barrier system, the Watchman Barrier, has recently been revamped – the Watchman Barrier MKII.

Watchman Barrier MKII
The new Watchman MKII includes anti-trip feet – 2M kit shown.

This redesign is intended to introduce a number of improvements to the older design that includes.

  • HDPE Planks for longer lifespan – These don’t go brittle or crack easily. ┬áThese are available in yellow or white.
  • Non-trip feet and revamped posts – even more stable. An innovative foot design means that the trip hazard is reduced to virtually zero.
  • A range of reflectives and lamps are available for the system.
Watchman Barrier non-trip foot
The new Watchman Barrier has a new anti-trip foot.

The feet in the new system are almost completely flat, yet maintain rigidity by using a single GRP rod throughout the middle.

The Watchman Barrier plank hooks

The new, long lasting planks are built to slot into the posts without wobble or slack, and within the post is a heavy duty recycled weight that gives additional stability.

When space is a premium, this is the barrier system to choose – and improves on the original post and plank system in every way.

Please contact us if you would like a quote on the Watchman MKII barrier system.