STOP WORKS Sign Roundup

The STOP WORKS sign ( lollipop sign ) is specified in the ‘Red Book’ for use when stopping traffic for a maximum of 2 minutes per 15 minutes.  Two of these signs are required for maneuvering plant or works vehicles.

This post is intended to give you a quick overview of the type of STOP WORKS lollipop signs available and why we stock the type we do.

From left to right: 600mm non-reflective Zintec plate in frame; 450mm reflective with fixed handle; Our 450mm reflective sign with foldable handle and edge protector

There are three main types of STOP WORKS sign on the market – Start Traffic can supply any of these however we only stock one particular type as we believe this is the best of the bunch.


STOP WORKS sign from the front
The STOP WORKS sign stocked at Start Traffic

One of the key features of this lollipop sign is that it is collapsible. Where as rigid designs need a lot of space on the van, this folds up neatly into a bag that can tuck away almost anywhere.

Collapsible handle on STOP WORKS sign

The profile of the lollipop handle
A strong, reinforced aluminium handle with a virtually indestructible elastic cord throughout.
Folded up STOP WORKS sign
It can collapse down easily ready to be put into a bag
Our sign comes in a easy to carry case

The carry case for the stop works sign

The handle has been made from aluminium which gives it a rigid, strong and non-wobbly construction.

Stem of our STOP WORKS sign

The stem of the sign is made from a single plastic molding with a hand grip feature – as it’s plastic it won’t feel cold on frosty mornings either!

Lollipop sign construction

The core of the sign is made from solid aluminium, meaning it is both reasonably lightweight and rigid. The edges which are normally particularly vulnerable to damage are fully protected by being covered with an impact resistant trim all the way around the edge.

rubber end on pole

Finally the pole is finished with a rubber boot on the end – To prevent any damage and help it stay put when resting.

All of the above features make this product what we believe to be the best on the market. Any of these signs are also available in STOP – Children Crossing format, ideal for Lollipop ladies or men.

These are in stock and available for next day delivery from Start Traffic. To order please call 0800 978 8920 or order directly online.

Other STOP WORKS signs (the rest)



  • The 600mm STOP WORKS sign above is the largest of the sign types available. The handle is not removable, is made from steel and is particularly heavy. It’s size and basic construction make it awkward to transport and the welding may fracture over time.

STOP WORKS sign with fixed pole

  • The non-foldable 450mm sign is a more manageable size, with a solid aluminium face and steel handle, secured with two fasteners. There is no protection for the sign face edge and the handle is not quickly removable. The design is also slightly more economical.

To order our STOP WORKS sign, please call 0800 978 8920 or order directly online.