The Enduramat Coupler and Enduramats

The Enduramat ground protection mat is designed to meet most temporary ground protection requirements. When laying many of these together an Enduramat coupler is used between each mat to prevent the mats separating over time.

There are two main types of coupler available.

basic enduramat coupler
The most common coupler
The new 4 way Enduramat coupler
The heavy duty Enduramat coupler

The first and by far the most common type of Enduramat coupler is the standard two hole solution. This offers a secure fixing that can be fitted or removed quickly and easily. They can be fitted in both directions, depending on the direction you intend to use the mats.

Standard Enduramat coupler
The standard Enduramat coupler in use

For more demanding applications, there is the four way interlocking plate. This uses four nuts to secure the corners of the mats down so that they cannot be removed without unscrewing each nut.

The heavy duty enduramat coupler with the top removed
The new heavy duty Enduramat coupler with the top removed showing its construction

The heavy duty Enduramat coupler are ideal for use when you need more stability and don’t want the mats to lift or separate. With heavier use or slightly more uneven ground the new coupler will not pop out where potentially the two hole type can lift out.

The heavy duty enduramat coupler with top locked down
The heavy duty Enduramat coupler in use and locked

Once the nuts are done up the mats will not move around.

heavy duty endurmat coupler with mats
The heavy duty enduramat coupler in place with mats

These are constructed from thick galvanised steel which makes them very strong and straight forward to use. The mats can be used for numerous applications and are very popular when using vehicles, plant or other equipment and want to prevent the ground becoming muddy or churned up.

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